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Solar Bunny Rabbit

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Item Description
As long as you're not Elmer Fudd, perpetually frustrated in his quest to capture the "wascally wabbit," you might find one of the newest additions to the GardenFun catalog something right up your alley.

GardenFun is dangling a delicious new carrot in front of customers' noses in the form of Bobbie The Solar Bunny Rabbit Yard Light.

Bobbie might not have the same level of dastardly cunning that keeps Bugs Bunny forever foiling Elmer, Yosemite Sam and the rest of his hunters, but Bobbie The Solar Bunny Rabbit Yard Light is 10 times cuter and, at night, quite beautiful.

Just check out those guileless, big eyes and you’ll be charmed. So will your neighbors and friends. Order this 4-inch long by 4-inch wide and 7-inch high rabbit solar light and give your garden an adorable adornment.

Order the solar fox, squirrel and turtle from GardenFun, and you can give Bobbie a host of pals to hang around with.

GardenFun welcomes "Bobbie" the Solar Bunny!

Size: 4"L x 4"W x 7"H
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