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Lawn Gnome - 15" Grimmbel

Lawn Gnome - 15
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Our Grimmbel garden gnome is so lifelike and lovable that you'll want to give him a big hug.

When he's not taking care of all the plants, grasses and trees in your garden, you can find him expounding wisely to all who will listen. His bright eyes, flowing gray beard and colorful clothes will add old-world charm to your backyard decor.

Place him by your front steps or on a porch or patio. At 15 inches tall, he's the perfect size to fit just about anywhere. Since he's made from weather-resistant cast stone, he'll stand up to whatever Mother Nature dishes out, and is equally at home indoors in a foyer or standing alongside a large plant.

At GardenFun, we have all sorts of fun decorative ideas for lawn and garden, including our great Grimmbel lawn gnome. Price-wise as well, our garden gnomes can't be beat.

Weather-Resistant Cast Stone Resin: 15" Tall
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