Angry Birds

You might have already downloaded the app, since it's one of the most popular apps in the world, or maybe you've watched your kids become addicted to the game on their personal devices. Well, now you can enjoy the national sensation that is Angry Birds right in your own garden with a selection of Angry Birds yard decor available from GardenFun!

The latest addition to the whimsical line of yard products that accents the fun side of life, Angry Birds will now adorn such popular GardenFun products as lawn stakes, garden ornaments, wind chimes and more. If you want birds in your backyard but prefer that they be of a more “benign” temperament, GardenFun represents a large selection of other ornithological wonders in its various product designs.

You may enjoy some garden stakes designed with country birds, funny birds, mynah birds or other silly birds. If you like classic filigree birds, GardenFun has a bunch of those too! There are filigree bird ornaments in 27 inches, 29 inches, 40 inches or 49 inches.

The Goldfinch Wind Chime sets a sweet tone in your backyard. The Red Cardinal Twirly brightens up things instantly. And Windy Wings Garden Stakes come in either Blue Jay or Hummingbird designs.

But if it's Angry Bird you have your heart set on, because all the world is chirping and tweeting about Angry Birds nowadays, rest assured, you've arrived at the right nest. Since the Angry Birds items are brand new additions, if there's something you don't see, give us a call at 800-396-1204 and ask us. What's not there now might be in stock very soon!
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