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Let’s face it – without a plant, there really is no garden to treasure and love. It’s true that GardenFun specializes in the frills and accoutrements, in the fun and whimsical decor that helps bring your garden to life with personality and charm, however, without the greenery, without the grass, without a single flower or plant, there really is no garden of nature to really love. Thus, how could we not take the time to zero in on this most critical cornerstone of any home garden without a special caretaker of your favorite plant, or maybe your first or only plant, with an awesome garden planter display! We’ve got you covered, and your plants surrounded. We carry a full assortment of planters from classic and functional to impressive and whimsical to fit all your planting needs. We have animal planters and face planters, bicycle planters, large flower carts and more…
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Gnomes on Log Planter
Retail Price: $89.99
Our Price: $82.95
Gnomes on Tree Stump Planter
Retail Price: $109.99
Our Price: $99.95
Gnome with Acorn Planter
Retail Price: $74.95
Our Price: $64.95
SunGuard UV Protectant (6 Pack)
Retail Price: $83.94
Our Price: $69.99

Get ready to bring some personality to your home and garden with a unique garden planter from GardenFun. Plants are the cornerstone of a garden living lifestyle, and a beautiful green plant inside your home, or even on your balcony, is the easiest way to invite nature back into your life! We love these decorative garden planters and animal planters because they really make watering fun.

Distinctive metal or resin garden planters are also an excellent way to get children involved in caring for plants and nature; sometimes feeding a thirsty face planter some water is much easier to comprehend than watering a plant. Your plants will finally get watered, as you elevate the fun and beauty of your beloved plants by showcasing them in these colorful whimsical animal planters! Our garden planter collection include cat planters, dog planters, pig planters, face planers, and now even more!

For a nostalgic feel, check out our or large shoe planters! Almost all of us had had that favorite pair or white, pink, or black converse sneakers that we wore day in and out. Now you can have one holding your favorite plant! Animal planters are really fun too – you get some nice garden statuary of your favorite animal, like a pig planter, or a toad planter, and then you get a good reason to visit it on a regular basis – the watering! There are literally thousands of sports teams too that include lions, and elephants, and eagles, and these planters can be used to show your team spirit. These muggly mascot planters look great! Place a small team flag in your plant to really show people who you are rooting for.

Don’t get us started on how much we love our Face Planters – aside from the daily watering which makes you actively take notice of your planters, faces have a biological tendency to be recognized and observed. So it’s nearly impossible to water a plant in a face planter without making eye contact and connection. That explains why people actually start to develop fond relationships with the planters themselves! They say talking to plants is good for their growth, and it sure makes it easier to talk to a face over a leaf.

For larger planter displays, we have some awesome planter stands and carts that can moved around on wheels. The largest ones like the Large Flower Display Cart or something like the Cinderella Carriage are wonderful showcase items.

If you needs something gorgeous, but a bit less overt, take a look at our decorative planter sets. Lovely designs that come in multiple matching planters in various styles. Our mosaic planter sets in teal and red are personal favorites, but they are all stunning. Love your plants and display them in a garden planter that you will love just as much!
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