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Outdoor Garden Planters & Plant Stands

Bring some pizzazz to your plants with animal planters and other garden planters from GardenFun. Plants are the cornerstone of a garden living lifestyle, and a beautiful green plant inside your home, or even on your balcony, is the easiest way to invite nature back into your life! We love these decorative garden planters and animal planters because they really make watering fun. Distinctive metal garden planters are also an excellent way to get children involved in caring for plants and nature; feeding a thirsty Frog water is much easier to comprehend than watering a plant. Your plants will finally get watered, as you elevate the fun and beauty of your beloved plants by showcasing them in these colorful whimsical animal planters! Our garden planters collection includes cat planters, dog planters, pig planters, moose planters, and more...
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