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Solar Powered Garden Lights & Stakes

Offer unsurpassed ambiance to visitors and guests after dark with our selection of awesome decorative solar garden lights. Designed to add liveliness, fun and excitement to your patio, walkway, driveway or garden, solar lights deliver vibrant radiance by harnessing the power of the sun during the day. Solar-powered outdoor lights also offer a sensible, affordable way to illuminate darkened paths after the sun goes down, guiding guests to your front door without added wiring or additional powering costs. Solar lights can be installed in minutes, no power cords required!
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What’s unique about GardenFun’s selection of solar garden lights is that each piece is uncompromisingly unique. Artful designs inspired by nature help create a masterpiece light show in your outdoor space.

From solar-powered garden stakes that feature eye-catching mushroom, frog, bird, ladybug and butterfly designs to stunning solar lanterns that come in a variety of exquisite colors and patterns, these outdoor lighting options range from small indicator glows to large-scale, bright beams. We also carry solar-powered garden light sets that feature an assortment of miniature solar lights for your flower patch or small garden.

Amazingly executed designs guide our selection of decorative solar-powered garden ornaments. While not typically used as a primary light source, these illuminating outdoor accents infuse your backyard or garden with bright colors and patterns that inspire. From solar garden fairies dancing about brightly colored orbs to adorable light-up garden gnomes that add a cheery disposition to your garden, these magnificent must-haves bring warmth and personality to any environment.

Our selection also includes solar-powered gargoyle statues, solar bird feeders, solar wind chimes and so much more. All of our illuminated outdoor ornaments are made with high-quality materials like metal, acrylic or top-quality resin and are designed to withstand all seasons.
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