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Metal Birds

Metal birds as decorative garden accents are some of the most common items you will see being used to spruce up an outdoor space. Some people collect certain birds like quails or owls, and others are just looking to add a bit of lively charm to their backyard. We boast an extensive collection of bird decor and have many popular styles including metal heron birds, metal cranes, peacock birds, and metal rooster birds. We also carry some of the more obscure birds like pelicans and parrots, and even some whimsical birds like the Bali Garden metal bird collection, or the infamous GeekyBeek birds. Metal birds are fun additions to any garden, and also make great garden gifts! You can use a classic metal bird for a high-class look, or a whimsical colorful bird to create some conversation. Check out the categories of birds below to find what you love!
Ducks & GeeseQuail, Turkey & PheasantsHerons & EgretsGarden Crane Birds
Pelicans & ParrotsOwlsPeacock DecorRooster Decor
Filigree BirdsPink FlamingosSolar BirdsLarge Rooster Decor
SongbirdsBird StatuesSunGuard UV Protectant (6 Pack)
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If you are considering purchasing some metal bird for your garden, or even as a gift for someone else, but don’t really know where to start, we recommend searching through the Garden Crane Birds section, or the Herons & Egrets bird collections. Crane birds are one of the most common garden accent that we sell, and we have a large collection in various colors. We have metal birds in various Copper and Patina finishes. Also, most people request a pair of birds to set a scene in the garden. Most of our Crane Birds are produced in a pair, so you can get two that are not identical. One usually has the head upwards, and the other one might be preening feathers or eating.

Herons are also quite popular metal birds for the garden, and we have quite a variety of those to share with you as well. We carry the standing birds, as well as the Metallic Herons with Wings that are truly spectacular. We also have Bronze Metal Herons, Patina Herons and even Grey Heron Birds. Again, these metal birds are also available in paired designs so you can avoid a lonely birds in your garden. The solar birds are pretty impressing too. They have a discreet solar panel on them that captures the energy from the sun during the day, and in the evening the body of the bird illuminates with a surprising accent light.

We find that people who purchase Rooster birds and Peacocks are pretty passionate about collecting those birds, and we have a huge collection of roosters in many sizes to select from, and peacock birds as well. Our roosters look amazing in the yard, near a barn, and even inside the home or in a large kitchen. The fancy peacocks are ultra-impressive and will look beautiful anywhere they are placed.

If you like something a bit more out of the norm, something fanciful, artistic, and exceptionally unique, you will probably be entertained with our collection of Bali Garden Birds. These metal birds are like something you have never seen. Each metal bird is a work of art, and a whimsical masterpiece! They are made for outdoors, but we’ve discovered that many customers like to keep these indoors for display. They each have a secret compartment inside that can hold a votive candle that illuminates the birds from the inside – truly spectacular!

With so many metal birds to choose from, you’re certain to find a few that will look spectacular in your garden!
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