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18" Travelocity Roaming Gnome
HUGE SALE PRICE!!! GardenFun is excited to present to you the full size 1...
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Our Price: $59.95
We try not to brag often, but we truly have the greatest selection of Garden Gnomes on the internet! is just where all the most popular lawn and garden gnomes want to be. Get ready to browse our exceptional selection of high quality garden gnomes for your home and outdoor garden. We have all the most famous gnomes including the Travelocity Roaming Gnome and characters from the Sherlock Gnomes movie, including Gnomeo & Juilet. We also have funny gnomes, classic gnomes, military gnomes, working gnomes, female gnomes, and just about every other type of lawn gnome you can think of. Entertain your garden guests with a unique yard gnome peeking out from behind your flower garden, or simply deliver a hysterical Mankini gnome as a whimsical garden gift that everyone will adore. Browse, shop, and enjoy the largest and most diverse collection of garden gnomes online!
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Funny Gag Gift GnomesHappy Birthday Gnome w/Balloon!
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SunGuard UV Protectant (6 Pack)
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Lawn gnomes, yard gnomes, garden gnomes… they have a lot of different names, but the only one that really matters is the name that you give it when it arrives to your home. A yard gnome with a unique design and precious face looks adorable peeking up at you from under your vibrant plants, and a silly gnome watching over the rest of your garden is amusing as well.

If you enjoy collecting garden gnomes, you’ve come to the right place. has almost a ridiculous selection of gnomes, we just can’t stop, they are so addicting! If you like famous gnomes, you can go straight for the Travelocity gnome or the Gnomeo & Juliet characters from the latest Sherlock Gnomes movie. Other popular celebrity gnomes include Willie Elfson, the Vegas Gnome, Marilyn Gnome, Santa or the Fonz. We try not to talk politics in the garden, but of course we also have a Gnomebama and GnomeDonald.

We also carry the full collection of Toad Hollow Gnomes, including the most popular Rumple and Zelda gnomes, and also Merlin who looks like he’s about to take out spell from his pockets, Mordecai who has his hands together in a praying stance, friendly Grimmbel and Lotie. Over the years, these classic gnomes have been all over your famous television shows and commercials!

There are gnome garden stakes and miniature gnomes to enjoy in your small planters and fairy gardens. You can even take them to work for your desk. We have a few solar gnomes that light up at night for special effect. There are patriotic gnomes holding American flags, and there are also culturally diverse gnomes like the Mariachi gnome, Shalom Gnome, and El Gnombre – the original Mexican gnome!

We are very proud of our entire gnome collection, however there is one spectacular gnome that is our prize possession. Our fabulous Elton Gnome with Piano Collectible statue is one of a kind and a gnome like nothing else. Inspired from the Gnomeo & Juliet movie that Elton John produced, and his alter-ego gnome character in it, this Elton Gnome took us over 5 years to get approved for sale.

Spectacular in every way, the Elton gnome comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity, and is by far the most impressive gnome we’ve ever sold. From miniature gnomes, to classic gnomes, to a collectible high-end gnome, we have all the gnome you could ever dream for!
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