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14" Babybeek Pucker-Ups (Set of 3)

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At last! A unique, creative, silly, funny, romantic Valentine's Day Gift alternative.

Each set of 3 Baby Beek Pucker-Ups is a whimsical alternative to wilted roses and boring chocolates. Guaranteed to bring a huge smile to your wife, favorite geek girl, friend, co-worker, or grandma.

Six different 14" hand-painted BabyBeek Pucker-Ups. Two different 3-packs to choose from. Each has its own unique face and personality. No watering, no calories, no cavities, just a silly, fun way to say "I You."

Don’t worry, it can be sent anonymously. We’ll never tell who sent it. Buy a set early and you can give a Pucker Up to your own True Love or three different Valentines. (We’ll never tell that either. :>)

Geeky love birds are unique, creative, hand-painted Valentine’s gifts for your most romantic lover, or the geek girl or boy you and equally cool for co-workers, kids, teachers, family and friends. There’s a whole flock to choose from!

Baby Beek Pucker Ups. No water, no calories, no cavities!
BabyBeek Pucker Ups are the most thoughtful, romantic, funny, geeky, original Valentine’s Day gift ever. Each Geeky Beek and Baby Beek in the flock has a cast-resin head with its own unique face - hand-sculpted by artist Tim Twinkler. These adorable love birds are guaranteed to deliver an overwhelming supply of laughter and love, and whimsical fun!
Additional Info:

  • 14" BabyBeek Pucker-Ups, Cast-resin head, Metal wings, tail, springs and legs, Plastic body & feet.
  • Patented "springed" wings move in the wind for added dimension and motion.
  • Optional pair of 5 inch detachable metal rods can be used to stake feet into ground.
  • Bursting with fun personality, hand-painted with UV paint in meticulous detail.
  • A special lacquer coating protects colors and keeps glossy shine on all Baby Beeks!
  • Each bird comes with a gift hang tag that can be personalized.
  • GeekyBeeks are our most popular signature item!

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