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18" Bali Rooster Bird - "Green Rocky"

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Item Description
Green Rocky is an all-star Rooster and a fighting Champ in our Bali Garden Decor collection. Standing 18 inches tall this beautiful Indonesian garden art will certainly impress and inspire.

These incredibly high-quality Bali Garden decorations feature extraordinary, cheerful and colorful designs which are made exclusively by hand. All metal, buffed, primed, sealed - and absolutely amazing!

An inner body compartment inside the body under the wing allows this metal bird to be lit up from the inside with tea candles or strings of LED lights too! This added flair can create a magical glow for extra evening enchantment on the terrace, in the garden, or in the home.

Ultra unique and amazing is the only way to describe this spectacular Bali Garden Bird!

Size: 18" Tall

Additional Info:

Our Bali Garden decorations are made from steel metal sheets that are bonded after shaping using an autogenous welding process. Following de-burring and buffing, the pieces are primed in an immersion bath so that all the interior and exterior cavities are sealed. After drying, the garden decorations are varnished in a second step with a spray gun, before the surfaces are painted elaborately and intricately by hand in the familiar Balinese colors.

We do recommend bringing these birds indoors during brutal winters as frost can damage the overall attractiveness. We always recommend SunGuard to extend the life of all your outdoor products!

These items are handmade works of art, and while each retains the magnificent structure and design elements, subtle variations in paint color and pattern are expected through the nature of the process. Each bird is 100% unique!

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