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Bali Garden Decorations

decor items that you can possibly find. We look for standard and classic items for our collections, and we also look for outrageous and fun! Our Bali Garden Birds and Decorations are some of the most unique garden decor items you will find anywhere! Made in Bali by way of an intricate binding process, these high-quality metal birds feature extraordinary, cheerful, colorful designs made exclusively by hand. Painted with whimsical expression, almost all of our Bali Garden items can also be lit from the inside with tea candles or LED string lights to deliver even more magic for terraces, gardens, and in the home. Amazingly breathtaking does not give justice to their true beauty ~ these Bali Garden Birds offer magnificent appeal in person and will lighten any mood with their joyful designs!
For many years, built a strong reputation for selling whimsical bird statues like GeekyBeeks and NerdyBirds. They came in large and small sizes and packed a big punch of personality with each piece. Well over time many of them had become discontinued from the manufacturers and it was challenging to find spectacular metal birds with tremendous whimsical personalities as we once had. Lucky for us, which strolling the Las Vegas gift mart we stumbled into the Bali Garden Birds Collection and we nearly fell over with excitement!

These Bali Birds are incredible, and everything we had been searching for. Large for one, but also jaw-dropping, exquisitely designed, and full of magical fun. These birds had style, and grace, and whimsical flair, and simply just made you want to say WOW and smile. Each design was better than the next. We fell in love with Jeni the Dancing Bird first. Those large eyes just called out, and the fancy tail feathers were amazing. Soon we met Cora and Hugo, another two popular birds.

Their feathers were intricately hand painted, their tails cut with artistic precision, and their necks were goofy springs with sturdy stature. We soon learned that on most of these birds, you could actually lift the wing to expose an open cavity in the body specifically designed to house a small tea light candle or string of LED lights. The body itself had cuts in design to allow for the light to pass through for surprise illumination.

Rocky the Bali Rooster Bird has gotten a lot of attention for looking like that old Looney Tunes cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn and Mr. Shulz has make a big splash on the scene with his large size. We actually have him in the front of our office to welcome local visitors! There are a few newer birds like Zeus and Stolz that don’t have wings but rock instead with motion. There are many other types of Bali Garden Critters available, but we mostly showcase the Bali Birds because those are our favorites and they are hard to come by.

So if you are looking to purchase a spectacular piece of garden art decor for your home, or for a friend who appreciates whimsical art, take a chance with one of these Bali Garden items and you will not be disappointed. On the screen they can only look so good, but in persons they are actually amazing.

Many people love them so much they end us keeping them indoors, even though they were always intended to be outdoor garden decor items. As with all our metal painted statues, if you place them outdoors in the sun we suggest spraying them with SunGuard to help protect and extend the life of these products. We love Bali Garden Birds and you will too!
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