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Black Cat Pumpkin Decoration (Set of 3)

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Black cats are prowling the night looking for a spooky Halloween garden. Our Black Cat Pumpkin Decorations deliver spirited purring for all ages!

A great way to decorate your pumpkins you can stick each black cat stake directly into a pumpkin, or simply spread them around as halloween garden stakes in your lawn or in your potted plants indoors or outside.

Super easy and quick, without the mess, and works with artificial pumpkins too. Collect a mix of designs, and place them on different sizes of pumpkins for a variety of fun! Interlace a pair of Witch pumpkin stakes between the cats to create a haunted theme!

You'll be ready for a Halloween Party in no time. These Halloween Black Cat Decorations are made of Metal and come ready to literally stick right into your pumpkin or ground. The black cats are completely covered in a black reflective glitter to offer a fun surprise when discovered by trick-or-treating flashlights.

Spookiness for all ages to enjoy! (Don't be silly, pumpkins not included.)

Size: Cat: 11"H x 6"W, Stands 20" Tall
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