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WindyWings Blue Jays Garden Stakes (Set of 6)

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Item Description
Out in the morning sunshine, or flying through your door when the wind is still, you will love our joyful 6-pack of the larger sized WindyWings Blue Jays Garden Stakes!

These delightful decorative blue jay bird stakes by Exhart will place a smile on your face each time you see them alongside your favorite flower pot plant or flower bed.

The patented "springed" wings design allows the red cardinal bird wings to actually flap and flutter in a wind! They are certain to have you whistling your favorite songbird music all year long.

They look wonderful in the backyard, and are just as fun indoors in a plant, by a window sill, or added into a flower bouquet. They also make great gifts for bird breeders and bird lovers! Toddlers just love pointing at them too!

Each Set of 6 will come with 6 Blue Jay birds, and their 6 detachable metal garden stakes that screw into the bottom. Each songbird has been individually hand-painted with meticulous detail with a UV protected paint, and then lacquer coated for added protection and shine. These birds will be singing in your songbird garden all year long! – and no bird droppings, we promise!

Additional Info:

  • WindyWings Blue Jays Garden Stakes
  • Size: 6" Blue Jay, 26" tall, 7" Wingspan
  • Styrene plastic, Stainless Steel springs, Metal Stakes
  • Patented "springed" wings design.
  • Hand painted with UV treated paint
  • Lacquer coated for protection and shine
  • Comes ready to place in your garden
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