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Black Cast Iron Display Base

Black Cast Iron Display Base - Click to enlarge
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Item Description
Weathervanes can be even more impressive when viewed up close inside your home or office, than when seen way up on your rooftop. With this sturdy all metal display stand, you will have the freedom to enjoy your Weathervane in style anywhere you like, around your home, office, patio or deck.

As we have found over the years, many people chose to change the displayed weathervane to celebrate the change of seasons and migration of wildlife, and thus we have thoughtfully designed the simple clean lines of this display stand to focus all the attention on the Weathervane you chose to display.

Consisting of a heavy gauge steel upright and a solid cast iron base, this display stand can easily be moved from location to location and will give you years of problem free service.

Size: 12"L x 18"H

For use with: Full Size Weathervane (Foremerly called Standard Size Weathervanes).

* Estate weathervanes actually also fit in this Cast Iron Display, however in our opinion, they are usually top heavy. If you just must have your Estate Weathervane on this display, please note that you may need to take additional caution when locating the proper place for this display.

* We've recently been notified that a Garden Weathervane (Cottage Size) can also be used in this display with the help of the Cottage Garden Pole Mount. Instead of assembling the bottom pitch fork of this 3-piece stake, you can place the bottom of the Garden pole directly into this Cast Iron Display Base.
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