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Ceramic Frog Statue - Garden Thinker

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Is your mind always turning, contemplating, postulating, assessing, thinking...why go at it alone? GardenFun welcomes another unique garden decor accent, our Ceramic Frog Statue - Garden Thinker.

This adorable frog decor figurine has been thinking endlessly about new gardens and friendly faces to explore. Blending beautifully into any lawn or home garden, or even inside your home, this frog decoration is a magnificent work of garden art.

Place him between your garden flowers beds to brighten up his day, next to a pond where he can await that tasty bug to fulfill his appetite, or next to your patio chair where he can sit and ponder the meaning of life right by your side.

Wherever you place this frog decoration, he's sure to bring rich natural colors into your home and garden settings. This collectible ceramic frog garden statue may just be the most contemplative frog on the planet.

Do you have a friend who seems to be carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Help them unload some of that worrying burden with this supportive frog garden gift. Together they will figure out their paths to happiness.

If you happen to be a Libra, or just desire emotional balance within your garden decor, be certain not to miss our Peaceful Garden Frog Statue!

Additional Info:

  • Ceramic Frog Statue - Thinker
  • Dimensions: 8"w x 9"d 8.5h
  • Garden Decor with Personality.
  • Precious green frog ceramic coloring.
  • Flat bottom for balanced sitting position.
  • Beautiful Garden Enhancing Accent.

  • Confession: I Really am loving this New Garden Frog. I guess in light of all the pessimistic news circling the world, the economic turmoil hitting us, and the stresses of our daily lives, this Thinking Garden Frog really had an emotional impact on me. Wow, did he grow on me fast. This frog figurine holds such raw emotions of deep thought, and he instantly became my companion and friend.

    I started to wonder, is he a sad frog, is he a troubled frog, is he a worrywart? Is he simply going through the emotional ride of the unknown future. Maybe his lily pad is going into foreclosure, or possibly he is simply enjoying some introspective time alone. I wonder if he aspires to become the Peaceful Garden Frog Statue who appears to be sitting in a zen-like state of endless bliss.

    Well, I love him. This frog statue is adorable.
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