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GeekyBeek Hen-House Hooters (Set of 3)

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Item Description
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What do you get when you cross a geeky chicken, with a demented hen and a retro turkey? The wackiest order of chicken wings you've ever seen!

Not your everyday barn yard birds, our GeekyBeek Hen-House Hooters are the Three Stooges of the avian world. Add depth, dimension, and a sophisticated touch of slapstick whimsy to your wonderful home and garden with these decorative garden art sculptures!

If you're looking for great Thanksgiving decorations and gifts, we're serving up the wackiest order of chicken wings you have ever seen! Bring this trio to your Thanksgiving dinner party, or spread them around to different friends and co-workers, either way, they are guaranteed to make you laugh and put a gigantic smile on everyone's face!

Additional Info:

  • 26" Hen-House Hooters: Geeky Chicken, Demented Hen & Retro Turkey

  • Metal bird, Cast-resin head, Metal Stakes & Springs.

  • Patented "springed" wings move in the wind for added motion and fun.

  • New flat feet design stands on flat surfaces; optional stakes also included!

  • Bursting with personality, hand-painted with UV paint in meticulous detail.

  • A special lacquer coating protects the colors and Geeky glossy shine!
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