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Elton w/Piano Collectible Gnome Statue

Elton w/Piano Collectible Gnome Statue - Click to enlarge
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Item Code: DY-60301
Retail Price: $199.99
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In final stages of approval w/ Elton John.
Hoping to ship by Holiday 2017.

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Item Description
Been looking for the Elton John Gnome from the Gnomeo & Juliet movie? Well, something spectacular is on the way!

After thousands of requests, the iconic Elton himself has finally given approval to move forward with a Special Elton w/Piano Collectible suited only for his style, complete with fancy flair, glitter and beaded rhinestones!

Only 5000 pieces are being made of this original Collectible version for Each statue will even be bear the signature of this legendary artist himself.

Due to limited quantities we will not be able to guarantee the availability of this product. We do promise however that if you sign up on this waiting list, a single unit will be reserved in your name, and when we are closer to having him ready for shipping you will receive a phone call and/or email notification that will give you 48 hours to place your pre-order and guarantee a delivery. We're aiming to start taking orders as soon as the item is in final production!

An incredible gift for any Elton John collector or Gnomeo & Juliet Super Fan!

Get on that Waiting List today before they are all spoken for!

ITEM UPDATE - 6/21/16: For all the fans that have been waiting and asking for a long time, I wanted to provide a little update on this character. It is true that after numerous samples and review by Elton John that we were seemingly very close to produce the item. Then, there was a surprise shift as Rocket Pictures who had the license to produce the sequel of the Gnomeo & Juliet sequel apparently sold/transferred the license to Paramount Pictures. During that time, all communications went silent and this wonderful Gnome Collectible simply got frozen in time.

Thankfully we are happy to report that the people at Paramount Pictures had contacted us last month and have not only shared excitement about the sequel, but also have shared their interested in getting this wonderful Elton John Gnome Collectible back into production. We are hoping that we can get things moving rather soon, and not sure if it will happen that fast but we're hoping to get this item produced for the holiday season 2017. We will be sending out an update to everyone on our Waiting List when the item goes into pre-order status.

ITEM UPDATE - 4/7/17: Last week Paramount opened up discussion again to review this great item thank goodness. Paperwork is currently being negotiated and a production schedule is being worked out! Once the item is officially in production we can accept pre-orders. We are trying to push for a Q4 release so we can have it at the end of summer or at least by the holidays! Will keep you posted...

ITEM UPDATE - 10/6/17: The final sample has been produced and is currently under review by Elton's camp, again. The Gnome turned out even better than we hoped and we are SUPER excited of updating the images on our website to show you. We are praying to hear approval by next week so we can get the factory started with the official production. The hope was to get this moving quickly so we could have it here in stock at our warehouse ready to ship by December 15th. I'm not sure if that is feasibly possible, but after working on this item and project for over 3 years, if it comes in by Jan 15th we'll be thrilled as well. As usual, once it moves into production, we will start taking preorders so you can guarantee yourself a delivery!
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