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28" Embossed Lace Flower Wall Decor

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Item Description
Reminiscent of an antique parlor decoration in a country farmhouse, our 28-Inch Embossed Lace Flower Wall Decor is a stunning display of art.

Featuring a green patina over a coppery bottom layer, this gorgeous hanging piece gives new meaning to the term "wallflower." Made from durable metal that can stand up to inclement weather, it is ideal for screened-in porches, fences and stone garden walls.

Use your imagination; you can spruce up any outdoor space with this pretty flower. This Embossed Lace Flower Wall Decor measures 28 inches in all directions, and it's 4 inches deep so it stands away from your wall and creates a stunning three-dimensional look.

GardenFun is your one-stop shop for gorgeous outdoor wall decor, and this is one of our favorite pieces of art!

Size: 28" x 4" x 28" Metal

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