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MoleMover by Exhart: Rodent Control.
AKA: Electronic Gopher and MoleMover w/LED

MoleMax by Bonide: Rodent Control w/Chatter-Sound Technology & LED - Click to enlarge
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Item Description
Does your garden have a serious mole control problem?

Exhart's MoleMax mole pest control product (currently distributed exclusively through Bonide) is the original electronic rodent repellent that safely and effectively helps eliminate gophers, yard moles, and other burrowing rodents from lawns and gardens using a combination of sound and vibration signals.

Ranking #1 in the field of mole pest control for over a dozen years, the manufacturer has been hard at work developing and testing new technologies. Thanks to innovative R&D technologies, testing, and recent circuitry breakthroughs, for 2008 Exhart has launched a Powerful Upgrade to this already Top-Selling Product! - and we are thrilled to be one of the first to carry it!

Introducing Exhart's New Patent-Pending Upgrade featuring NEW Chatter-Sound Technology - Scientifically Demonstrated to DISTRESS Burrowing Rodents! Based on scientifically documented research, Exhart's new Electronic MoleMax with Chatter-Sound Technology simulates the Alarm & Distress calls burrowing rodents use in nature to warn kin of danger.

If you enjoy high-tech options, or just have weak knees, this model comes with the ever so helpful LED Indicator Feature - a small LED that illuminates from the top of the casing every time it sends out it's frightening pulse. This is helpful when you want to visually check-up on it to make sure it is working. (No more ears to the ground, plus you can find the thing at night!)

The only electronic rodent repellent that safely and effectively helps eliminate gophers, yard moles, shrews, voles, ground squirrels, chipmunks, kangaroo rats, pocket mice, and other burrowing rodents from lawns, yards and gardens using a combination of sound, vibration, and fear-invoking signals.

It's time to get rid of that ground mole in your yard making lawn care so difficult! Use this natural pest control product to eliminate that rodent problem once and for all.

No more rodent poisons, no mole traps, no toxic rodent revenge chemicals or gases. Easy to install and maintain; uses 3-“C” cell alkaline batteries (not included).

Additional Info:

  • 12" Compact Aluminum Shaft Stake.
  • Comfort "T-Bar" grip for easy handling.
  • Effectively covers up to 3600 square feet.
  • Planet Friendly - Safe for environment, children & pets.
  • Advanced circuitry allows unit to be used year-round!
  • Easy to install - place in ground, then wait approximately 10-days for results.
  • Does not harm or kill rodents; no more uncomfortable injured/dead animal disposal.
  • Uses 3 replaceable "C" cell batteries that last up to 18 months per use (not included).
  • Two times louder than the original version.
  • Durable for all types of weather conditions.
  • 5 Year manufacturer warranty.

  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    "What is the difference between the Gopher-It and the MoleMover? Is one really better for Gophers and the other better for Moles? or other Burrowing Rodents?" - (We asked Exhart, the Manufacturer.)

    Answer: "The only difference is the packaging. People on the West coast normally fight Gophers, and people on the East coast have Moles, thus, many retail stores were demanding of separate packaging. In 2008, Exhart is planning on finally combining the two names into a single Upgraded package called the Electronic Gopher and MoleMover."

    This is that New Upgraded Product! The Electronic Gopher and MoleMover (90067) shown above replaces both the Original Gopher-It (90022) and the Original MoleMover (90066).

    ...And it comes fully Upgraded too just as the manufacturer (Exhart) promised it would be: New Chatter-Sound Technology, Two times Louder than the Original, 3 times Longer Battery Life, and an extended 5-Year Manufacturer Warranty!

    For clarity, this (90065) product being sold above is identical to the Item #90067 that we carry, except this one above includes the LED indicator feature. Performance is identical in both models.

    product now distributed by Bonide.

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