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Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder - Multicolor Pinwheel

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One of our most entertaining birding items ever created, this Brand New Multi-color finish on our Ferris Wheel Feeder Pinwheel Design is exactly what you have been waiting for! This new Kinetic Ferris Wheel bird feeder spins around while feeding birds at once. It will literally bring endless hours of fun and motion into your garden like nothing else!

For a unique garden gift that combines the love of bird watching and gardening like never before, this high-quality Multi-color Pinwheel Bird Feeder design is enhanced with 5 colorful swinging feeder baskets that allow you to watch and be a part of the fun while the birds eat and play! When the curious birds land on the feeding baskets to snack, the weight of the birds start this elegant Ferris wheel spinning.

The entire wheel is evenly balanced so it starts to spin very slowly and does not scare the birds off when they land on it. The birds get so involved in the seed that they barely notice the ride. The dual-sided baskets allow many birds to perch at the same time, adding more color and life onto this Ferris Feeder with each curious bird!

You will absolutely LOVE watching this happy and entertaining Ferris Wheel Bird Feeder come alive as the birds eat and play in your backyard!

Size: 24" x 10" x 95"H
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