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Fisherman Weathervane

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Item Description
Our Fisherman Weathervane is truly a work of art, hand-crafted of pure copper and brass by the most skilled master artisans using special old world forging techniques. More than just a beautiful functional ornament, weathervanes continue to serve as enduring and timeless symbols of our dependence upon the wind and weather. (14"L x 18"H, Arrow 21" long)

The copper fisherman weathervane has been balanced with precision so that it will turn at even the slightest breeze to tell you the direction of the oncoming wind. The rugged copper is able to withstand all forces of nature as it ages gracefully through the years to obtain a rich green patina bloom. Rain, snow, sleet, or salt air, this weather vane promises to stand up to the test of time.

This weathervane was designed primarily by size to be pole-mounted in the yard or garden. However, this wonderful size also looks perfect attached to an outdoor deck railing, and sits beautifully when mounted on smaller structures such as on a cottage, garage, gazebo, barn or shed.

Each of our cottage weathervanes includes a full-bodied copper figure, solid brass directionals, copper spacer balls and a black powder-coated steel rod which will ensure a lifetime of rust free and maintenance free enjoyment. For your convenience, it will also include your choice of garden pole (43"H 3-pc.), roof mount, or deck mount hardware.

We offer you a choice on the finish of some of our weathervanes. The popular antiqued finished weathervanes are pre-oxidized to reveal the appearance of elegantly aged copper antique. The polished copper weathervanes come untreated and have been placed on buffers to give them exquisite luster and shine.

Enhance your connection with Mother Nature with this high-quality, decorative, and functional copper weathervane by Good Directions. Assembles easily in minutes with a single screwdriver, and then last a lifetime! Weather you are searching for gifts for fishermen, collect unique fishing gifts, or just looking for a unique garden weathervane ornament, you will absolutely love the peaceful nature or our Fisherman Weathervane!

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Additional Info:

  • Size: 14"L x 18"H, Arrow 21" long
  • Hand-crafted in copper and brass
  • Ultra high-quality – Lifetime use
  • Instructions included, simple assembly
  • 3 Mounting options available
  • Great Fishing Garden Gift Item!
  • Commonly Asked Weathervane Questions

    Q: Which are the most popular weathervanes?
    A: The eagle, rooster, and horse have always been consistent favorites. These designs date back to early colonial settlements.

    Q: Which weathervane should I buy?
    A: You should buy the weathervane that best displays your personality, or that identifies the area in which you live.

    Q: What is the actual weathervane design made of?
    A: The weathervane figure and spacer balls are made of pure copper. The directionals are made of solid brass. This ensures a rust-free, maintenance-free product.

    Q: What is the difference between the Antique & Polished finishes?
    A: The popular green finish, often referred to as "patina," is an artificial finish applied to give the weathervane the appearance of an elegantly aged copper antique. The polished copper weathervanes are untreated and have been placed on buffers to give them exquisite luster and shine.

    Q: How long will the Polished finish last?
    A: The polished weathervanes are untreated. So, within a few months, they will lose their polished look and start to naturally tarnish. At first, the finish will turn dark, like an old copper penny. Then, after several years, the surface will begin to bloom with a beautiful natural green patina. If the shiny polished look is more appealing to you, we recommend using a clearcoat lacquer or polyurethane. Using a product like Staybrite Brass Lacquer is an excellent way to protect and maintain the polished finish.

    Q: We live by the ocean and experience very strong gusts of wind. Will the weathervane fall apart?
    A: The weathervane will not fall apart. For additional strength we recommend you apply a thread locker, like "Loctite," to bond the rod threads and screw threads.

    Q: Are the weathervanes easy to assemble?
    A: Yes, all you need is a screwdriver. Simple Instructions are included. All the parts slide onto the rod and are secured by setscrews.

    Q: How do I mount the weathervane?
    A: The easiest and most affordable way to mount a weathervane is to use our provided garden pole, deck mount, or roof top mounting hardware.

    Q: Can weathervanes be used indoors?
    A: Yes, of course. Typically they are mounted outdoors, but it is not uncommon to bring their beauty into the home.

    Q: Where can weathervane figures be placed indoors?
    A: Weathervanes can be placed in many places, such as over fireplace mantels, on window sills, over kitchen cabinets, mounted on the wall, or on a display base on the floor or hearth.

    Q: If the weathervane is pointing south, does this mean that the wind is blowing from the north?
    A: No! The weathervane figure will always point into the wind. In other words, the figure will always point in the direction from where the wind is blowing.

    Q: Should the N-E-S-W directionals on my weathervane turn in the wind?
    A: No. N-E-S-W represents the compass points of the earth and should stay fixed. If you see them moving in the wind, tighten the screws on each of the brass directionals.

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