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7" Windywings Floral Garden Stakes (Set of 6)

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Item Description
Our most popular large WindyWings Butterfly Garden Stakes in a beautiful assorted floral print design. Bring style and grace to your butterfly garden with a set of these fun and youthful colorful butterfly stakes!

Each set of 6 Floral Butterflies includes 6 unique butterfly design patterns that includes mixed flowers, and other delicate floral patterns. Patented "springed" wings design allows the butterfly wings to actually dance and flutter in a wind!

Additional Info:
  • WindyWings Floral Garden Stakes
  • Large Size: 7" butterfly wingspans, 26" tall
  • Styrene plastic, Stainless Steel springs, Nylon Rods
  • Patented "springed" wings design
  • Hand painted with UV treated paint
  • Lacquer coated for protection and shine
  • Comes ready to place in your garden
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