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Folsom Stripe Hammock Chairs

The hammock chairs featured in this collection of swings combine modern design with retro patterns of stripes and zigzags reminiscent of garden designs from the disco era. Updated with a modern feel, these new hammock chairs are the most comfortable items appearing on the market for outdoor furniture today.

To find your perfect hammock chair:

  1. Select the chair below with a Decorative Back Pillow that matches your personal style!

    View our most popular combinations below. The bottom & back pillows ARE NOT sewn in, so you can purchase extra 19" x 24" pillows to swap into the chair and give it an entirely new look as often as you like. If you prefer a back pillow not displayed below, simply give us a call and tell us the fabric and pillow combination you desire!
Attach this swing to a tree branch or on your porch or patio to enjoy reading a book, catch up with a friend, or listen to the wildlife outdoors. Each swing is designed to hold up to 250 pounds of weight with the help of a special 33-inch wooden spreader bar created from strong Chilean pine. The polyester cushions are machine washable, resist weather and mildew, and will not fade. These cozy and comfortable chairs are perfect for entertaining guests during a special outdoor occasion.
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