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Water Garden Fountains

Decorative Water Garden Fountains are one of the most exciting accents that can be added to any home backyard garden. For one, they look beautiful in design and with a range of styles can fit in with any themed dιcor. Secondly, they are mesmerizing to watch as the streams fall over themselves, over hills and over rocks and from layer to layer. A hidden pump brings the water back to the top for a continual flow that magically never ends. Lastly though, and foremost, the pleasurable sounds generated by a small or large fountain can penetrate the entire yard, and will fill up your soul like a full glass of nature. Like relaxing next to a bubbling brook or down by the lakeside, you close your eyes and you are transported to a beautiful lakefront property, your favorite creek side camping ground, or possibly a Caribbean cove. You will just adore an outdoor fountain in your home!

Like a science fiction portal that transports you to another place or dimension, decorative garden fountains seem to have that similar type of power. Physically, your body earth suit might remain in the same chair or hammock, but your mind and soul will be transported to a peaceful nirvana state that can only be reached through the circular sounds of nature flowing through your ears and soul!

Get ready to experience some instant relaxation with the soothing sounds of cool water cascading down rocks and rain forest waterfalls with our beautiful garden fountains. Good for indoor or outdoor use, these garden fountains are both lovely in the office and in the home for sure, while the larger outdoor fountains deliver peacefulness in your backyard.

Melt away in the gentle movement of water with the use of one of our many decorative fountains. We have the traditional slate and rock fountains that be tucked directly into natural surrounds of any yard. We also have some pottery fountains which deliver an old world man-made feel where the waters flow between bowls or out of urns. There is a full collection of rain forest fountains that look like a petrified wood off the side trail of jungle adventure. These particular fountains include special LED lights that help enhance the viewing experience in the evening time.

For a more playful theme we have a few decorative fountains and boy & girl children fountains where the kids are trying to play in the water or trying to get a drink. Our calming Buddha fountains can complement your Zen Garden nicely.

We get some questions on fountain maintenance and when problems arise, 99% of the time is has to do with a motor that has died. Over the years we have learned there really is only one main cardinal rule that you must remember if you are going to own an outdoor fountain. If you are going to leave it running continuously, you MUST refill the water often.

The number one reason fountains stop working is because the motors burn out – and the main reason the motors burn out is because there is no water in the fountain. The water is actually what cools the motor and prevents it from burning out. What people often forget, is that the water evaporates out of the fountain. If you have a fountain set on a timer, make sure you check on the water level on a daily basis until you become familiar with the rate of evaporation in your home and yard. Fountains are not battery powered items, they will all require plug in power.

Fountains are fun and make great garden gifts too, they bring as much life to the yard as the chirping of sweet birds!
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