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"Frog" Snail Trap

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Item Description
Beer is one of our favorite old-time solutions for how to get rid of snails and slugs in your garden and walkways. Our family and friends have used it for years and we recommend it as the safe and effective way to rid your garden of these pests, without using poisons or other harmful stuff.

Snails and slugs are attracted to the smell of beer (it's the yeast). They climb (or slime) into the trap, wallow in the its beer-filled chambers and pass out for good!

Gardener tested, completely safe, and proven to work!

Additional Info:

  • 8" Diameter, hand painted frog themed design.
  • Environmentally safe alternative to dangerous poisons.
  • Safe around children and pets, and will not harm beneficial insects.
  • Decorative design enhances any yard or garden. Snail trap is hidden and concealed.
  • For best results, simply place one re-usable trap in each problem area.
  • Beer not included!

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