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Geeky Beaks & Geeky Birds

If we had to select a single product family to embody and symbolize whimsical garden decor, the choice would be very simple. After years of endless strolls through art festivals, craft fairs, and lawn & garden decor shows looking for whimsical garden gifts (i.e. whimsical animal figurines, whimsical art, whimsical ornaments), we are SUPER EXCITED and feel most certain to claim that the GeekyBeek family of birds by Exhart, are the most colorful, happiest and silliest whimsical garden accents we have ever seen!

We fell so madly in love with these whimsical metal garden art birds, that they became the major inspiration in opening the GardenFun website! We promise, these hysterical GeekyBeek metal garden art birds will bring tons of bright color, whimsical delight, and lively conversation and laughter into any garden or home setting!

Make sure to say hello to a few of their distant bird cousins including the curious and the extremely popular Dodo Birds on a Stick . Click to read more information on Geeky Beeks and Creative Gift Ideas for them!

More on GeekyBeeks, Geeky Beeks, and Geeky Beaks!

These GeekyBeek metal garden art birds are so much fun we just can't stop talking about them! Each Geeky bird is bursting with unique personality and tremendous fun! The bodies and legs are made of durable metal and each head has been sculpted from cast resin with artistic flair to elicit colorful smiles and delightful laughter.

Meticulously hand-painted with UV protected paint, the bird is also lacquer coated to help protect the colors and maintain that new glossy shine. The wings, tails and necks are all mounted via springs giving these metal garden art birds extra motion to bounce in the wind!

If you're looking to add garden whimsy to your outdoor living space these GeekyBeeks could not be more ideal, but they also make for incredibly unique and creative gift ideas! One thing really nice about these birds is that they each come with their own free-standing rock-style mounting base that can be used on any flat surface. Of course, you can always pull it out of the base and stick it directly into the ground using the stakes that come out of their feet, but with the base, these birds can also now be placed anywhere, making them unique collectible gifts that can be enjoyed wherever a whimsical smile is needed, including indoors!

Here are some great whimsical gift ideas that we've seen or heard of from customers:

  • Whimsical garden decor, lawn ornament, yard art for any garden lover (getting the obvious out of the way)
  • A unique house warming gift idea for friends and new neighbors
  • Patio decor, front porch design, or decorated balcony garden accent
  • Office decor idea, cubicle decorating (or as we've heard before - cubicle landscaping)
  • Collectible gift idea for bird lovers with a great sense of humor
  • As a get well soon gift idea, or simply a funny gift for someone in need of a smile
  • A cure for heartbreak of those taking life too seriously
  • As ushers at your wedding, or smaller ones in a unique flower table arrangement
  • Unique party favors and holiday gifts!

You can truly find any occasion to give someone a GeekyBeek. They will be able to display them as garden statuary accents or as indoor pieces of art. There are many different birds and sizes to choose from so you can collect an entire family, or should we say, flock of Geeky Beeks! Each of the GeekyBeeks, BabyBeeks, and Hatchlings also comes with a cute gift tag with a funny saying on it, and some extra room for a small little note. Here are a few sample sayings:

Geeky is in the Eye of the Beholder!
Geeky is a State of Mind!
I'd rather be Geeky than Stinky!
Who you calling Geeky?
Geeky is as Geeky Does!
Being Geeky is so Very Cheeky!

Can you blame us? Talk about a great conversation piece!

If you're like us, and can't get enough of these whimsical birds, you might also enjoy the Geeky flying Tree Art or the whimsy Baby Beek Garden Stakes!

What our customers say:

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