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40" Large Orange Geeky Beek

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Item Description
Complete your impressive GeekyBeek Collection with this rare limited release garden bird statue. The Large Orange GeekyBeek bird from the Tim Twinkler Collection is bursting with happy personality and fun!

These large hysterical Geeky Beek birds bring tons of color and movement into any garden or home setting. The wings and tails move in the wind and the springy necks jiggle and dance as well.

A unique cast resin head has been sculpted with artistic surprise to bring colorful smiles and delightful laughter. Standing on a detachable rock-style base you can place this Large GeekyBeek firmly on flat surface whether it be your lawn, patio balcony, or inside a family room. You can place this fun colorful piece of home decor anywhere a bright smile is needed!

In addition, there are three stakes underneath the feet, so you can pull the metal yellow bird out of its rock-base and insert the stakes directly into the garden ground. We promise, wherever you place them, these wacky birds with their Geeky beaks will always stand happily with pride.

Large Geeky Beeks are unique garden accents that will keep your garden guests laughing every time they see them. Bring humor inside the home by placing one in the den, in any walkway, or beside any entrance way. Ensure that anyone who enters will always come in with a smile!

Whimsical garden statues never looked this spectacular? Truly, a high-quality piece of garden art, hand painted with UV paint in meticulous detail and lacquer coated for long term durability and shine. Collect them all, and then bring together the entire family, complete with some BabyBeeks, Hatchlings, and even a Giant Pink GeekyBeek if you dare!

Makes a great backyard birding gift for any garden enthusiast!

Additional Info:

  • 40" Large Orange GeekyBeek - Limited Release.
  • Large GeekyBeeks are popular outdoor lawn ornaments.
  • Large size works nice for entrance greetings and doorways, for indoors and outdoors.
  • Special detachable rock-style base for flat surfaces, remove to stake feet into ground.
  • Patented "springed" wings design moves in the wind for added dimension and motion.
  • Bursting with whimsical personality, hand-painted with UV paint in meticulous detail.
  • A special lacquer coating protects the colors and provides a high gloss shine to keep them looking fresh.
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