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36" Geekybeek B-Baller Bird

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Item Description
This Geeky B-Baller was a favorite from our original Geeky Gamers collection that included sports themed birds ready for Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Football & Soccer.

To commemorate the set we made only a few hundred large Gamer Birds, and quickly sold them all out. In cleaning the warehouse for the holidays we found just a few last 36" B-Ball Gamers hitting around a pallet waiting for a pick-up game. Get one before they are gone forever!

Each funny Geeky Beek face from the Tim Twinkler Collection has been sculpted with artistic flair to bring colorful smiles and delightful laughter. You'll love all the fine details in these GeekyBeek garden bird statues including their hand-sculpted cast resin faces, springed wings, uniquely shaped bodies, and cute webbed feet!

Collect them all, or spread them around to your favorite sports fans! Includes Golfer, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Football & Soccer.

36" Tall, Cast-resin head, body & feet. A special lacquer coating protects colors and glossy shine keeping Super Geeky!
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