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GeekyBeek Pink Flamingo Flockers Set of 2

GeekyBeek Pink Flamingo Flockers Set of 2 - Click to enlarge
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Item Description
Meet the Flockers! This set of two fabulous pink flamingos are ready to hit the scene with their pink flamingo tans and stunning Geekybeek personalities. With great privilege, wild behavior and hysterics, we welcome our favorite Geekybeek Flamingo Flockers into the whimsical Tim Twinkler Collection.

Ever seen pink lawn flamingos bursting with such debonair personality and charming garden whimsy? Watch as these two gregarious wading birds show tons of movement and contrasting color into any plush flamingo garden scenery.

These metal flamingo birds stand 27 inches tall, with a springed neck, wings, and tail that dance in the wind. Our New Upgraded Designs have Fabian standing tall on two sexy legs with fat cheeks and tall cone body, while Fabio strikes his own pose with a his own yellow gams, a skinny face, and plump round belly.

Both flamingo birds now come with a sleek cast resin design webbed feet made for standing support on any flat surfaces. In addition, each will also now come with two 6-inch metal stakes that can stick into the bottom of their feet so you can use them with EXTRA support as garden stakes in the yard!

No longer will you have to worry about these birds tipping over. A special lacquer coating protects the colors and provides a high gloss for long lasting shine. Birds sold individually.

Each of these garden flamingo faces have been sculpted with artistic flair to bring colorful smiles and delightful laughter to all your flamingo garden visitors. Children and adults of all ages will fall in love with these two funny flamingo characters, a sure hit for your whimsical gardening lifestyle.

Please, don't even think about disrespecting your home or Americas favorite pink flamingo lawn ornament with a pathetic stamped pair of cheap plastic flamingos that look like they came out of a cereal box. Buy a high quality flamingo decor piece of garden art that is guaranteed to keep you smiling beyond the first gust of wind.

If you are looking for a high-spirited garden gift that will guarantee humor in any garden, home, or office setting, you will love these cute flocking flamingo birds. A small gift tag even leaves you space so you can personalize this flamingo flocker for your friends. Enormous fun as house warming gifts, gifts for gardeners, and happy friends for all occasions.

Get ready, here they come flocking your way, our GeekyBeek Flockers!

Additional Info:

  • 27" GeekyBeek Flockers, metal bird, cast resin head.
  • Unique flamingo extension of our popular GeekyBeek line.
  • Special new upgraded base allows stability on all flat surfaces.
  • Flocking with whimsical personality, hand-painted with UV paint in meticulous detail.
  • Special lacquer coating protects colors and provides a high gloss shine.
  • Comes with a hanging gift tag that you can personalize.
  • A wonderful garden gift!

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