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Who is El Gnombre?

El Gnombre hates to brag, but he is the world’s first Hispanic gnome. The size of his Gnombrero tells you all you need to know. But if you must know more, he was first spotted in the silver mines of Taxco, Mexico in 1818, …or was it the mountains of Tierra del Fuega, Argentina? Nobody knows for sure because El Gnombre was raised to never look back.

It is said that El Gnombre still inhabits the copper mines of Arizona, but he has also been spotted sunbathing in the Alps in only his Gnombrero? So there you go, he’s a sneaky one.

As the Patron Saint of patron saints, you can catch him among admirers evoking cleverness in anyone that crosses his path. He laughs in the face of plain ol’ gnomes that are pawns for frivolous human pranks. Women especially love Gnombre for his infectious smile and fancy footwork.

El Gnombre doesn’t do ordinary. A few of Gnombre’s claims to fame include: feasting on habaneros mixed with bubble ice cream before bedtime, enlisting regular garden gnomes to do his dirty work, and riding a javelina during a full moon while singing Hispanic folk songs.

If you catch a glimpse of El Gnombre, either make a wish or run -- it may be the only chance you get for either. Try to claim him and he will claim you. He’ll convince you that you’ll be better for it and you’ll believe him because, after all, he is El Gnombre - the world's first Hispanic Garden Gnome.

Gnombre is handmade using a sturdy poly-resin material and hand-painted with vibrant colors. He stands 13 inches tall, and is great for indoor or outdoor placement (just ask him). And, of course, we can't forget the Hispanic swagger that he brings with his: (1) green mariachi pants, (2) gnome-themed sombrero (aka his "Gnombrero"), (3) gold and silver over-sized belt buckle,(4) black leather boots, and <5> his infectious smile.

Why do all garden gnomes have to be little European guys? It's time for a little Hispanic swagger: Enter Gnombre. Gnome + Hombre = Gnombre - the world's first Hispanic Garden Gnome!

Size: 13" tall
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