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47" Grasshopper Garden Statue

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Item Description
Gardening can be tough work, especially without a loyal helper. But you won't need a giant leap of faith to quickly discover how wonderful and charming our 47" Grasshopper Garden Statue really is!

As the sun rises each beautiful morning, this Grasshopper bug will be ready to work with shovel in hand, tending to your flowers and plants. This decorative grasshopper optimist will keep all your garden visitors happy and in high spirits.

Each metal grasshopper garden decor has been designed to share wonderful color and whimsical garden fun into your life, and we don't believe insect & bug decor has ever been so desirable!

Hand crafted in metal design, and hand painted in 5 generous coats of automotive grade paint will ensure a healthy grasshopper life cycle for this garden critter.

Four large stakes under his feet will proudly hold this grasshopper accent firmly in place without problem. You can now also purchase an optional base (Black shown in image) to adapt this critter onto any flat surface like the porch patio, your front doorstep, or even indoors.

Delight yourself and your garden decor with the most uplifting metal grasshopper statue we've ever met. An exquisite regal art gift for fun loving gardeners, family, and friends.

Tons of fun, ready to hop into your yard, and into your heart!

Additional Info:

  • Metal Grasshopper Garden Statue
  • Size: 7" x 14" x 47"h
  • Hand Painted with 5 coats of automotive grade paint
  • Optional Metal Base for flat surfaces available
  • Unique Yard Art Metal Bug Decor
  • A Great Housewarming & Gardening Gift!
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