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Chinese Guardian Lion - Female

Chinese Guardian Lion - Female - Click to enlarge
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Our Chinese Imperial Guardian Lions typically sit at the entrance of a prominent and affluent home. Often called Foo Dog statues, Foo translates from one of two Chinese words for "Buddha" or "prosperity."

They come in pairs to represent the yin and yang of life, the feminine and masculine. The male sits to the right with his paw on a sphere to represent the earth and serves to protect the house and structure. The female sits to the left with her paw on a cub to represent the cycle of life and serves to protect the occupants and promote abundance.

There is a lovely ancient aura surrounding the foo dogs, and these beautiful stone statues can be your imperial guardians. Made with durable clayfibre with black rust finish. Ideal for indoor and outdoor display.

Size: 14.5"L x 9.6"W x 25"H. Approx. 25 lbs.

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