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Hanging Garden Glow Drops (Set of 3)

Hanging Garden Glow Drops (Set of 3) - Click to enlarge
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Item Description
If you like Art-in-Motion, you'll surely enjoy our exciting new Twirling Garden Glow Drops. Hang them along your patio and trees and watch as the gentle breeze spins colorful motion into your delightful garden.

Youthful circular discs pick up the sunshine during the day, while the Glow-in-the-Dark filaments inside the decorative glass ball capture and emit a slight glow in the evening night. Of course the painted metal twirlers adds that extra touch of motion and color, even beautiful when still.

The colors of this simple hanging garden accent lend a youthful touch, and the impressive decorative glass ball gives an added surprise as it Glows-in-the-Dark. The metal twirler is hand painted with a special UV treated paint and then lacquer coated to protect the glossy shine.

Each Set of 3 includes one Green twirler w/Yellow glass ball, and two additional Glow Drops. Get all the colors, and Save Big when you purchase the Full Set of 6! (Full Set includes 2 Yellow.)

Each Glow Drop arrives individually packaged so you can give them as separate gifts!

Additional Info:

  • Glow Drops hang 16 inches.
  • Simple hanging garden art that brings motion and color into any yard or garden.
  • Impressive decorative glass ball captures sunlight, then Glows-in-the-Dark at night.
  • Youthful twirler design spins in the wind.
  • Comes ready to hang in your garden.
  • Also makes a perfect Garden Gift!
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