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Hanging Hummingbirds - LED Color Changing

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Item Description
If you're looking for bright fun, or need a gift for that hummingbird fanatic in your life, you'll love our new Hanging LED Hummingbirds!

Let the delightful color changing lights our this LED display bring great fun and fantasy into your hanging home and garden!

This unique battery powered design was built to work anywhere, indoors or outdoors. There is no wiring needed, so all you have to do is set the timer start time and go about your business.

Solar items are fun, but if you don't get enough direct sun during long stretches of overcast weather they don't work as well. Our battery powered LED Hummingbirds will work day after day regardless of the weather and even work indoors!

One of our favorite parts about this item is that it has an "off/on/auto" switch. When you have it in the auto switch, say you set the time are 7pm, each day the unite will turn on at 7pm and stay lit for 6 hours, then shut off and repeat the next day.

Each Hanging LED Hummingbirds unit comes with 6 hanging hummingbirds, a three inch circular orb, and 8" hanging chain. The unit uses two AA batteries (not included) that last approximately 4 months.

Durable construction, 6 hour automatic timer, turns on daily at the same time.

Size: 6"L x 6"W x 30"H

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