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32" Healing Stone Wind Chime - Amethyst

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Polished and refined, our Healing Stone Wind Chimes have a unique sound that compliments the natural healing properties of the semi-precious stones. The polished gemstones are of the highest quality that grace the sail and clapper of the chime.

Amethyst Stone: The violet color of this stone is seen as the gem of royalty. It si said to have the power to stimulate and sooth the mind and emotion, relieving anxiety and stress.

Melody: Balinese Scale - An inspiring sound tuned to an enchanting Balinese pentatonic, or five-tone, scale that vividly represent the sound of nature (C, C#, D#, G, G#).

Size: 4" x 32"H, Aluminum/Steel/Stone, 5 Tubes 3/4" diameter, Copper Finish

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