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Hummingbird Wind Chime w/Jewels

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Item Description
Capture the look of the fast-moving hummingbird with our amazing and attractive hummingbird wind chime with jewels and help create an enchanting musical melody whenever there's a breeze!

The hummingbird is notoriously known for its quick movements and dainty physical design. Showcase the beautiful and stunning bird by hanging this wind chime design on your porch, deck, patio, tree or flower garden and create a stunning environment for you and guests to relax.

The hummingbird is created in perfectly matched colors of green and red and supports dangling strings of colorful crystals and marbles that cast lights of varying colors nearby when struck by sunlight. Wonderful bells hang from the strings and create an enchanting musical melody that floats throughout your garden area or home that you can enjoy while you relax in your outdoor space.

Size: 8 inches wide, hangs 29 inches tall

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