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Windy Wings Ladybug Garden Stakes (Set of 6)

Windy Wings Ladybug Garden Stakes (Set of 6) - Click to enlarge
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Item Description
Looking for a great ladybug? Know someone that collects ladybug items? Or simply in love with ladybug stuff? Let our WindyWings ladybug garden stakes land in your home and garden and bring joy and protection for all of your favorite flowers and friends!

This lucky insect needs no lengthy introduction. Known as a beneficial insect to true gardeners because they feast on tiny garden predators, and as the good luck bug to all other children and adults, our WindyWings ladybug garden stakes will bring smiles and good nature to any home!

Invite our lovely friends to your lady bug habitat, and make sure all those garden wishes come true. If you need ladybug party favors for a ladybug birthday party theme, these plant stakes are perfect! If you are looking for a thoughtful ladybug gift, consider including a few of these ladybug decorations inside a beautiful ladybug flower bouquet! If you are joining a ladybug club, or having a ladybug picnic, these WindyWing ladybug yard stakes will make you the hit of your party!

Lady bug decor makes a great garden decoration for anyone that needs a little luck and a little whimsical fun in their lives, and the patented "spinged" wings design helps the ladybug wings actually move in the wind!

*New Larger Size Now Available! - We received many calls from people who LOVE these WindyWings ladybug garden stakes and were also looking for the larger sizes. We are glad to share that we now carry the larger 7 inch designs with the 26 inch garden stakes too, available in mixed flat & metallic assortment. Now you can enjoy the same wonderful decorative garden stake designs for your larger yards! Let them hover over taller bushes and flowers, and be seen from a noticeable distance as well!

Mix these ladybug items with a few lovely butterfly garden stakes and a couple of our enchanting dragonfly garden stakes for a truly special garden variety!

Additional Info:

  • Lucky Ladybug Decor Plant Stakes
  • Small Size: 4" ladybug, 15" tall
  • Large Size: 7" ladybug, 26" tall *NEW*
  • Styrene plastic, Stainless Steel springs, Nylon Rods
  • Patented "springed" wings design
  • Hand painted with UV treated paint
  • Lacquer coated for protection and shine
  • Comes ready to place in your garden
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