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It is pretty surprising to think about how we did not carry gnomes in our garden gift selection for so many years. Now, at GardenFun they are literally coming out of our ears! We have hundreds of lawn gnomes to decorate your home and garden, gnomes in every size, and gnomes in every style. Why not turn your garden into a home for a cute and colorful lawn gnome from! Browse our exceptional selection of gnome categories to find high quality garden gnomes for sale. With plenty of fun yard gnome themes to choose from you'll find just the personality you need. We have classic gnomes and female gnomes, and biker gnomes and famous gnomes! Lawn gnomes, yard gnomes, garden gnomes… they have a lot of different names, but the only name that matters is the one you give it when it arrives at your door!
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Lawn Gnomes have been gracing gardens and watching over plants for decades worldwide, but the Travelocity gnome really made the garden item an icon with their hilarious roaming gnome campaign and commercials. Soon the gnomes spread throughout the United States like crazy which the Travelocity gnome is still promoted through commercials and even shows like The Great Race.

When Disney had their theatrical hit release of Gnomeo & Juliet back in 2011, GardenFun exploded with requests and our collection grew exponentially with selection. The Gnomeo & Juliet brand continued strong for many years and then had a revival with the sequel that Paramount Pictures released in 2018 called Sherlock Gnomes. GardenFun is thrilled to be a part of the excitement and has had an exclusive distribution on those character gnomes as well.

And although we do carry many familiar lawn gnomes like the Travelocity and Sherlock Gnomes brands, and many other famous gnomes like a Trump Gnome, an Elton Gnome, an Elvis Gnome and a Willie Elfson, lawn gnomes do not have to be celebrities – most are actually not. There are pretty female gnomes, and working gnomes like a police gnome or fireman gnome, and other classic style gnomes to watch over you plants without creating a paparazzi scene.

Aside from making people smile, some of our favorite gnome activities includes painting gnomes and surprising friends with a gnome collection that happens to appear sporadically in their yards. Kids have learned over time that lawn gnomes do not like to be seen by humans, so when you look at them they get really still like a game of visual freeze tag. When we are away they work the garden, smell the flowers, and play with each other and do all the gnome things that gnomes like to do. Then they freeze again when you check in on them. Hence, moving them around when the kids are asleep can create quite a stir of imagination and fun!

Whether they are considered kitschy lawn decor by some, or classic garden Must-Haves, lawn gnomes have become cornerstone decor in hundreds of thousands of garden landscapes across the country. Just like the original pink flamingos, but now with so much more variety and choice. There are red had gnomes and blue hat gnomes, and sometimes you can even find green hat or purple hat gnomes. They wear traditional dress, to working or military uniforms, all the way to bathing suits and mankinis that have their little tushies sticking out!

GardenFun has become a gnome hub of hundreds of mixed cultural gnomes, personal and funny gnomes for gifts, and every kind of gnome you might need to round out your gnome collection! Check out our huge selection of gnomes and get lost in the garden fun!

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