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36" Large Manatee Statue

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Get ready to open your eyes and hearts - meet our amazing Manatees, the gentle giants of the sea!

If you've already fallen in love with this endangered species, you also know that short of a small pendant, wall calendar, or plush doll it is next to impossible to find any type of beautiful Manatee gift or home decor!

Yes, Manatees can get pretty large (up to 13 feet long actually) and who really has that much floor space in their home or garden to feature such a wonderful creature in all it's glory? That is why we LOVE this 36" large upright standing Manatee Garden Statue!

Complete with adorable wrinkles, wide eyes, and course whiskered snout, this voracious herbaceous grazer will stun with beauty in your home or garden. For those who want to swim with the manatees, place one of these metal animal garden ornaments by the pool!

Another thing we love about this manatee garden statue is that not only does it capture the curiosity and intrigue of this gentle giant, but it also showcases the precious bond these sensitive creatures have with their young.

Size: 36" Tall resin statue. Impressive Antique Bronze Finish!

To learn more about Manatees please visit Save the Manatee Club, a mindful non-profit aiming to protect endangered manatees and their aquatic habitat through public awareness education, conducted research and rescue, rehabilitation, release efforts, and other advocacy measures since 1981. They are really nice people too!

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