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38" Medallion Chime - Bronze

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Item Description
Ornamental and intricate, our large new 38" Bronze Medallion Wind Chime features a hand-carved signature designer sail highlighted by an antique two-toned metallic finish!

The wind chimes are meticulously tuned to one of most cherished melodies from around the world, an elegant ringing melody influenced by the exquisite pentatonic tune from Puccini's dramatic acclaimed opera, Madame Butterfly.

These gorgeous wind chimes hang from a delicately routed hexagonal wooden canopy for an extra regal presentation!

5 Bronze Tubes, 1" Diameter - F,G,B,C,D.

Size: 7.25"L x 38"H, Aluminum/Wood.

Listen to a small sample:

What is Precision-Tuned?

Precision-tuned or musically tuned is a special method of hand-tuning or grinding each individual tube using and electronic tuner to be within 15 cents (approx. 15%) of the exact pitch of each musical note. This Regal Wind Chime was made using this process to deliver a premium sound experience!

A standard wind chime that is advertised simply as a tuned chime varies in sound due to production inconsistencies in the tube. Those chimes may be less expensive, but the sound experience is also less pleasant and pales in comparison to precision-tuned chimes.

This wonderful chime will be a blessing on the ears of anyone with a musical background, and simply resonate within the souls of those without one. The sound it true and pure!

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