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Mini Dodo Bird Plant Stakes (Set of 18)

Mini Dodo Bird Plant Stakes (Set of 18) - Click to enlarge
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Item Description
Our most popular whimsical Dodo Bird Garden Stakes in a new mini-version!

Same hysterical dodo birds, with bright colors, patented springed wings, and original wacky expressions! Intended for those that need a constant reminder not to take life so seriously!

Comes delivered in a cute Display Pot that be used to hold all these Mini-Dodo birds or other fun garden stakes. Take them out and spread around or keep them handy and them out like lollipops to all your friends.

Plastic pot comes with a removable piece of fitted styrofoam inside and cardboard upper template for easy placement. You can later use it as a great serving bowl for snacks at parties!

Cast Resin bodies, hand sculpted and painted. Each bird stands 15" high.
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