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Owl Wind Chime w/Jewels

Golden Owl Wind Chime w/Jewels - Click to enlarge
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Item Description
Celebrate the mystical and elusive animal that's heard more than seen with our creative and wonderful owl wind chime with jewels!

A big, beautiful set of eyes make up the wise old owl adage as it sits on top of this wind chime. Perched on a branch and surrounded by leaves, this owl gallantly watches over everything blooming in the garden.

Dangling below the owl is a series of strings that support stunning crystals and marbles in various colors, distressed bells and other dainty owls. When struck by sunlight, the marbles and crystals cast light in various shades nearby. The bells create a magical and impromptu melody when swayed in a breeze so you can sit back, relax and listen.

Celebrate your home and garden and hear a wonderful melody with this special owl wind chime design.

Size: 8 inches wide, hangs 31 inches tall

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