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8.5' Flowers Rain Chain - Polished Copper

8.5' Flowers Rain Chain - Polished Copper - Click to enlarge
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Spring time is always around with our blooming Flowers Rain Chain! A beautiful decorative alternative to any boring and cheerless gutter downspout, this rain chain will let the rainfall playfully dance and flow down from rooftop to ground.

For hundreds of years the Japanese have incorporated rain chains into their homes and temples for function as well as beauty. More than just an alternative to traditional downspouts, our handcrafted rains chains are an elegant way to add water features to your home and garden. They can be a delight to the eyes and ears as you watch the rain weave down the chain's design and listen to its relaxing cascade.

Our Flower Rain Chain is now sold in a standard 8.5 foot length and comes with an easy gutter installation clip. Individual links can be easily bent open to add and remove links to create the perfect length to the ground, or a beautiful copper water basin. You can also have it run into a bush, a small pile of chain, or simply bury the bottom directly into the ground. For the eco-friendly home owner our rain chains can also be used with rain barrels to collect water for later use around your home and garden.

Once installed, you will love it so much you'll be praying for the rain to come! A natural patina will develop on the polished copper styles over time, adding to the character and charm of these delightful chains.

Made of 100% Copper, a beautiful Polished Copper Finish. Size: 5" W, 102"Length.

View Super Easy Rain Chain Install Instructions Here.

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