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Rooster Print Patio Pillows

When it comes to rooster pillows, GardenFun offers something worth waking up for. As showy and as feisty as a banty rooster, these outdoor pillows will give you something to crow about with friends, family, neighbors and guests. These lively rooster designs will add cheer and zest to your everyday life, come rain or come shine.
Le Coq Rouge Outdoor Pillow
Retail Price: $58.00
Our Price: $44.95
Purple Rooster Outdoor Pillow
Retail Price: $58.00
Our Price: $44.95
Roosters All Over Outdoor Pillow
Retail Price: $58.00
Our Price: $44.95
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Rooster Decor
Constructed of high-quality, 100-percent polyester tough as a fighting cock or even Rooster Cogburn, these make perfect patio pillows or outdoor pillows. Fade and mold resistant, these waterproof rooster pillows not only survive but thrive outside in your garden without fear of the surrounding environment. Rain or sun, night or day, they hold their own, just like any proud rooster would.

As patio pillows, they also resist the mold that can sometimes creep into lanais and patios. But thanks to their soft-as-cotton finish, these pillows also will fit in every room and corner inside your home — as accents for cozy breakfast nooks and alcoves, highlights for living room sofas, playful additions to kids’ rooms or any of scores of other creative uses. You’ve never known how much fun it can be to share your home with this flock of zany — but quiet, thankfully — roosters.

Available in 19-by-24-inch rectangular pillows as well as 18-by-18-inch square throws, these adaptable pillows come in a variety of designs and colors. The Rooster Outdoor Pillow portrays the classic barnyard red rooster, lord of all he surveys. The Purple Rooster pillow depicts a bigger, more impressionistic rooster spoiling for a fight and kicking up dust. Le Coq Rouge and Rooster Rotisserie pillows add a French flair to the mix and a welcoming addition to any meal or garden party.

Whatever your choice, you’ll be glad to have these farmyard fowl friends in your garden or home fair weather or foul.
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