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Shimmer Falls Wind Chime - Bronze

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Item Description
Wow, wow, wow! This decorative Shimmer Falls Wind Chime will really surprise you!

I'll never forget the first time we opened one of these up. They pack real small (great for gifts!) so it didn't seem like there was going to be much there.

We opened it up reluctantly and instantly everyone's jaws dropped in mutual shock. WOW! You lift this wind chime out of the box and in continues and continues to expanded into this completely amazing, full-sized, glittering, shimmering, remarkably gorgeous wind chime!

Now it is one of my favorite gifts for our friends. Super easy to wrap and always comes out with this huge unexpected surprise!

Comes in Silver or Bronze designs. Also, the wind chimes themselves that rest hidden in the center are detachable too for a silent decorative option.

Size: 9 inches in diameter, hangs 30 inches.
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