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13" Silver/Green Crystal Twister

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Item Description
Enjoy twirling color and fun to your yard with our Classic Silver Crystal Twisters!

Get ready to fill any sunny spot with a beautiful rainbow of colors, or increase the magic by hanging multiple Crystal Twirlers to catch all the available sunlight!

Give the bottoms a quick twist with your fingers and watch as they spin endlessly winding up the line, and then reverse again, and so on...

Arrives ready to hang at your desired height, comes prepared with standard 12 inch slack line and S-Hook!

Additional Info:

  • Classic Silver Crystal Twister
  • 13 inch tall x 2.5" wide, plus 12" of hanging line.
  • Hanging Coast Guard Garden Decoration
  • Twists with wind, by the touch, or with motor.
  • Stunning rainbow reflection surprise
  • Comes ready to hang in your garden
  • A Perfect Garden Gift!
  • Made in the USA
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