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24" Sitting Buddha w/Mirrors

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Item Description
Find bliss and nirvana in your home and garden with the help of our wonderful 24" Sitting Buddha Statue.

An adorned portrayal of the stunning Buddha in his highest meditative state, this beautiful mirror laden statue promises to reflect instant tranquility into any environment.

Whether on display in a zen garden, for decorating a meditation room, or even a personal a yoga space, this statue will deliver peace, unity and understanding all on his own. Made of Polyresin, with antique silver/brown finish.

Size: 18.75"L x 11"W x 24"H

Additional Info:

The hand positioning of this particular Buddha statue is called Bhumisparsa Mudra and is translated as Touching the Earth, or Calling the Earth To Witness the Truth. This hand gesture is always depicted with the right hand down, while the left hand is on the lap, with the palm facing outwards.

This particular has hand gesture is said to be Buddha's hand gesture when he achieved enlightenment. It represents unshaken strength and the truth of his commitment to liberation, which helped overcome the darkness challenging him right before he entered the Light.

Ideal feng shui for this statue would be in the center of your home or garden or near a main entrance or any altar of Devine energies.

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