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Solar Butterfly Garden Stakes (Set of 3)

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Solar Butterflies are all the craze and it's never too late to join in on all that garden fun! Our new Triple-Headed Solar Butterfly Garden Stakes are the fancy new upgrades to the original APL-303, and will keep your fancy butterfly garden fluttering with joy and delight all day and night!

This fantastic set includes three tall 28" garden stakes and comes available in two different garden flower topper styles (lily or rose), and 3 mixed colors per style. When you purchase the Set of 6, you not only save extra, but you get all 6 unique Solar Butterfly Flower garden stakes.

Each garden stake captures energy from the sun with a solar panel located directly on the stake which powers the hidden rechargeable battery that turns your decorative butterfly stakes into beautiful butterfly lights at night!

The two solar butterflies and flower on each garden stake will be enjoyed with full color during the day, and then with a nice surprise at night as the colorful hues electrify through those delicate butterfly wings.

For daytime enjoyment only, nothing is as popular as our famous WindyWings Butterfly Garden Stakes, but for that little extra surprise in the evening time this lighted butterfly and flower set will certainly impress all your garden visitors!

If you're contemplating butterfly lighting in your solar butterfly garden, here's what we really like so much about these solar butterfly flower garden stakes, beyond simply that they are beautiful, light up at night, and are fully powered by the sun.

First, you get two butterflies and a flower per stake. That makes it super easy to create a full butterfly decor scene in a single area with just a single stake. Climbing up some flowers or dancing together around your plants, you get an elaborate butterfly display condensed into a sleek compact design.

Second, many of the solar garden stakes you find today come with clear toppers because that is the easiest way for colors to shine through at night. However, (and we realize this is just our opinion) we've always felt that the clear designs lack just a touch of pizazz during the day. Now you can have a beautiful decorative stake that you will fully enjoy during the day AND you still get that same colorful light show at night.

Third, the middle solar butterfly light can carefully be rotated around the garden stake into any position you like, plus you can spin the both butterflies 360 degrees so you can really get these flying friends into an endless variety of unique positions, great for maneuvering them into the perfect pose around your favorite garden flowers.

Fourth, (and we really could go on if wanted to), even though, say all the yellow butterflies have yellow LED lights, there is not hard rule that says you can't mix and match any colors you like per stake for an awesome multi-color arrangement!

A beautiful set of garden butterflies during the day that transform into charming solar butterfly lights at night. For use anywhere you get direct sun, in your lawn, garden, yard, porch, balcony and even walkways and driveway pathways. We love them, and you will too!

For a limited time, purchase the complete set of 6 and you'll Save Extra on these triple headed Solar Butterfly Flower Garden Stakes!

Additional Info:

  • 4" Solar Butterflies, 28" tall stake.
  • Durable plastic butterflies, metal garden stake.
  • Perfect outdoor garden accents, solar and fun!
  • Great for lighting your garden or walkways.
  • Has an auto-sensor that activates the LED lights automatically at dusk.
  • Rechargeable batteries in solar panels.
  • Butterflies can rotate & spin 360 degrees for maximum positioning.
  • Makes an awesome solar butterfly light garden gift!
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