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Solar Lily Flowers (Set of 3)

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Item Description
Our popular garden Solar Lilies are simply lovely!

We've taken your feedback and replaced the green lily with a gorgeous New Orange Lily. We admit it, you were right - this upgraded color set is truly stunning!

A solar charger is mounted directly onto each 24-inch stake, allowing the four-inch lily blossoms to absorb energy from the sun by day to cast a gentle glow by night.

Plant these lovely lily solar lights in your garden, and on your lawn and walkways to brighten the outdoors. The stakes come with an optional extension rod to plant your decorative lilies at different depths for a unique look.

Our LED lilies require no electrical outlet to shine, nor any watering to bloom. The lilies are made with durable plastic, and a fiber optics LED light is affixed to each metal garden stake.

These solar powered flowers make great garden decor gifts, especially for those that have a difficult time remembering to water their flowers. Once placed in the ground, these lilies will always stand stall and beautiful, no water required.

Each 3-pack includes 1 red, 1 orange, and 1 yellow solar lily.

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Additional Info:

  • 4" Lily Blossom, 26" Tall.
  • Great for lighting your garden or walkway, adds a fun touch to any outdoor setting!
  • Place in the garden at multiple levels using the optional extension rod.
  • Each has an auto-sensor that activates the light and fiber optics automatically at dusk.
  • Durable plastic lilies, metal garden stake, LED light w/fiber optics.
  • Includes rechargeable Ni-cad batteries for solar panel; charges by day, glows at night.
  • Each 3-pack includes a red, orange & yellow lily.
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