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Sparkle Magic V4.0 Landscape Laser Light - Indigo Twilight (Blue)

Sparkle Magic V4.0 Landscape Laser Light - Indigo Twilight (Blue) - Click to enlarge
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Item Description
BLOW OUT Pricing! - We're moving to a solar version of a similar item. Take advantage of this great closeout pricing on this Powered Version.

We've been selling string lights for years, so when we heard it that was possible to put up and take down 10,000 lights in a matter of minutes without any wiring we just had to try it out. The results were absolutely JAW-DROPPING!

Get ready to experience the stunning and mind-blowing effect of possibly the future of all indoor/outdoor decorative lighting. This outdoor laser illuminator is a revolutionary, time saving, portable laser light source that allows you to decorate any surface in a kaleidoscope of brilliant color.

Simply plug it in, point it towards your house, wall or trees, and adjust the dial to find the light pattern effect you desire. Then stand back in awe and watch your guest be mesmerized.

This laser unit can be purchased in 3 different colors (green, blue, or red) and comes standard with suite of mounting accessories that allow you to install the laser in various places and positions. In addition to being weatherproof and versatile, and extremely easy to use, the laser illuminator uses less energy than traditional decorative lights and are perfect for year round landscape lighting, pool and patio lighting, outdoor string lights.

Also perfect for landscape designers and commercial lighting and ideal for event lighting, weddings, special occasions, holiday and party lighting. When you see this thing in action, you’re going to want to use it all the time!

Unit Arrives Complete and Includes:

- One Sparkle Magic V4.0 Landscape Laser Illuminator
- Weighted Round Metal Base for standard surfaces (3.5" diameter)
- Garden Stake for ground landscape mounting (5" stake)
- Rubber coated flexible stem (attaches laser to metal base or ground stake)
- Power Adapter to plug in outlet - Jaw-dropping amazement in a box!

GardenFun only sells the New & Improved 4.0 version which includes these following improvements:

  • Added internal heater with built in thermostat for extra low night temperatures.
  • Now rated for temperatures of -4 degrees from 14 degrees!
  • Allows you to connect directly into a 12v AC electrical cable for installation.
  • Illuminator can now be used with DC or AC current.
  • Added O-ring on lens provides uniform resistance for when turning the dial.
  • UV color protectant to prevent color fading on the outside casing.
  • New Anti-static guard for static protection.

    Additional Info:

  • Power Usage: Significantly less that traditional light bulbs: less than 5 watts!
  • +/-20 units can be powered by (1)20amp circuit
  • Life Span: 7,000-10,000 hours of continuous use
  • Manual adjustable dial to control desired light patterns
  • Solid Aluminum Housing, UV protected
  • Small Portable Size, Weather Resistant
  • Exposed Beamlet Power: Less than 5mW (Class 3a)
  • Projection Coverage: 25 ft x 25 ft at a distance of 35 ft
  • Approx 6.5 inches tall using standard base
  • Operation: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Color: Blue(450nm)
  • Weight: 3 ounces

    Additional Sparkle Magic Laser Accessories like extension power cords, 3 in 1 power cables (use three lasers with 1 outlet), and clamp mounts also available.

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