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Splats Woodpecker Bird Tree/Wall Art

Splats Woodpecker Bird Tree/Wall Art - Click to enlarge
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Looking for a unique piece of whimsical garden tree art? Need an ivory billed woodpecker gift that will go over with smashing excitement? Our Peckerd-Out Splat! is a hysterical garden accent that can also be used as outdoor decor, on the side of the house, or on the office wall or door, or anywhere a laugh is needed! When mounted vertically on a tree, it looks as if the wacky woody woodpecker flew WHAM! right into it. Doh!

Size: 13" wing to wing

Materials: Cast Resin, hand painted with UV treated paint, with a lacquer coat. Standard 3/8" Metal hangers.

Additional Info:
  • A hilarious new twist on Garden Statuary, Tree Art, and Wall Decor!

  • Flat out fun with smashing personality, hand-painted with meticulous detail and vivid colors.

  • Each SPLAT! has multiple hangers so you can mount in various angles on doors, trees and walls.

  • Springed appendages designed to move in the wind for a lively added dimension.

  • A special lacquer coating protects the colors and provides a high gloss shine to keep them looking fresh.

  • Sold individually.

  • When you're rushing through life, with nothing but a frown, Splats help remind you, it's okay to slow down! Here's a silly Splat garden poem for you:

    A SPLAT is a cat that fell from a tree.
    A SPLAT is a bird that took a wrong turn.
    A SPLAT is a flamingo that forgot it can't fly.
    A SPLAT is a toad that almost got mowed.
    A SPLAT is a woodpecker that pecked itself out.
    A SPLAT may be you, if you don't snap to!
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